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Living a Passionate Life

Posted on May 6, 2015 at 4:59 PM Comments comments (20)
" Is what you are doing with your life worth the one life you have?"

A few weeks ago I attended a social networking event where the guest speaker Theresa Laurico asked us a very powerful and thought provoking question- "Is what you are doing with
your life worth the one life you have?"...

I had a chance to revisit this question recently when I was saddened to find out that a friend of mine's beloved pet had just passed away. She had just recently retired a few months ago and her pet was her life. I sympathized with her as just a few years ago I had to deal with the
grief and pain of the death of my beloved cat, Angel.

I was also very surprised to learn that she decided to go back to work at her old job which is not only physically demanding but also quite stressful. She said that she felt so lost and lonely without her pet that going back to her old job was the only solution for her in coping with her loss. It saddens me that she did not think that there might be other solutions for her, especially as she was never happy working there prior to retiring.

I offered other alternatives for her to explore such as volunteering or taking some courses but unfortunately her mind was already made up and she just wasn't open to anything new .
Some people are just not comfortable about making changes  especially  in the later stages of their life.

"Is what you are doing with your life worth the one life you have?" It is sad to see that sometimes people believe they can't try something new because of age or
fear of the unknown. (Please refer to my blog of April 7/15)

I am currently in the process of designing some workshops on New Beginnings pertaining to women dealing with transition in their lives such as divorce,  caught in the sandwich generation or dealing with empty nest syndrome. Stay tuned for details on these upcoming workshops. 

With the warmer weather here I will be facilitating a Women's Tea and Meditation Circle starting in June. The guided meditations will take place outdoors and will have different themes. Click on the Women's Tea and Meditation Circle on the home page for more information. Take a look and see which mediation appeals to you or  better yet join us for the series.

I strongly believe that what I'm doing with my life now is worth the precious one life I have to live.

How about you, do you believe what you are doing with your life is worth the one life you have? If the answer is no, than don't be afraid to try something new that you are passionate about. Life is too short to be doing something you are not  happy and passionate about.